St Hilda’s redux

24 Sep

Yesterday I was in Middlesbrough, seeing a family I’m visiting as part of another project on Roma migrants. On my way home I called in to St Hilda’s, an area I covered for Streetfighters, which saw people cleansed from an estate for no apparent reason. From what local people told me back then, there had been no consultation and were few plans for the land, even before the economic crash. Few people were left in the neighbourhood last time I went there but now there is no one left at all. The only buildings still standing – other than a newish police headquarters – are a single row of terraced houses. The owner of the end one – who I interviewed along with his daughter – has now died, ending a final headache for the council. I visited both spots where I had previously met occupants, just to see what was left.

Barbara and John Yafano, Nov 2009:

Site of their former house, Sep 2012:

The late Hendry Woodier and daughter Alwyn McPhillips, Nov 2009:

His former house, in the last row still standing in St Hilda’s, Sep 2012:

PS you can hear their interviews here:

Barbara and John Yafano

Henry Woodier & Alwyn McPhillips 

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