Aug 2010: Welsh Streets demolition planned (unpublished)

Things are getting serious in Liverpool’s Welsh Streets, where demolition of some empty properties could take place as early as three weeks’ time. It was revealed in a flurry of news stories last week that clearance notices have appeared in the Toxteth neighbourhood, announcing the bulldozers would be moving in imminently. No developer is on board and able to push ahead with redevelopment, meaning the empty site will be grassed over. There are still residents living on some of the Welsh Streets who are desperate to save their homes. Consultation on this planning application ends tomorrow afternoon (25th Aug), after which a decision to go ahead could theoretically be made within a day. If approved, permission to clear will run from 13th Sep until February 2011.

The Welsh Streets Home Group, which is fighting for retention and refurbishment of the streets, says in a statement: “Some residents in the neighbourhood are concerned that the planning application to demolish does not give enough details about how people in neighbouring streets can be protected from the dangers of demolition. They are writing to the council to ask for the process to be made much safer. This includes things like controlling dust, noise and working hours, or capping sewers and drains to reduce problems with rats. The council intend to grass over the site afterwards and measures need to be taken to avoid fly tipping on the site. The security and safety of neighbours in Devonshire Rd, Gwydir St and Kelvin Grove is a worry , so we want better fencing. Residents remaining in Rhiwlas and Madryn St are [also] at risk.”

More on the Welsh Streets here.

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